Rotten to the Core 2
More Crime, Sex and Corruption in Johnny Appleseed's Hometown

"Every student, every civic official---indeed every citizen---ought to read this book."---Steve Allen

In this updated and greatly expanded version of the popular book Rotten to the Core, Martin Yant recounts his battle in Mansfield, Ohio, to expose::

In a sterling example of civic duty, the people of Mansfield reacted to these relevations with outrage rather than denial and set their city on a course of reform of which they have a right to be proud.

In addition to revisiting those events, Yant show how corruption and cronyism still plague this “typical American town” in the 21st century. He then demonstrates how Mansfield really is typical and how the cancer of corruption is turning the American dream into a nightmare for its growing number of victims.

"[Martin Yant] gives journalists a good name, serving as a counterweight  to the profession's often poor standing in public opinion polls."
  -- Steve Love, The Akron Beacon Journal

Paperback, 256 Pages

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