"A devastating indictment of our current system of justice and a call to arms to restore hard-earned protections of human freedom that are now routinely violated by government officials." ~ Milton Friedman 

"I went to law school to understand law's role in society, but was taught instead that government lawyers should run society from on high with little need to comply with time-honored rules designed to keep them honest and accountable to the society. Roberts and Stratton reveal the roots of the problem. How strange it is that I, a law professor, learned so much about the law from a book whose lead author is an economist." ~ David Schoenbrod, professor, New York Law School 

"The Tyranny of Good Intentions is a bold defense of our fundamental freedoms. It demonstrates that government oppression is not a right-left issue, but rather a universal evil that should be resisted by all free people. It demonstrates why conservatives and liberals who despise tyranny must unite against statists of both the right and the left who falsely believe that partisan ends justify deprivations of liberty. . . . When rights are subordinated to government power, the first steps toward tyranny are taken." ~ Alan Dershowitz, author, The Genesis of Justice 

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The wars we've waged against perceived social ills carry with them a hidden cost of harrowing proportions: the loss of personal liberties as old as the Magna Carta. In the fevered pursuit of drug dealers, S & L crooks, violent criminals, environmental polluters, Wall Street inside traders, and others, conservatives and liberals alike have trampled over constitutional protections. The result: innocent people caught up in a bureaucratic web that destroys lives and livelihoods; businesses shuttered because of victimless infractions; a justice system that values coerced pleas over the search for truth; and bullying police agencies empowered to confiscate property without due process. The Tyranny of Good Intentions is a sobering wake-up call for those who value liberty over political expediency. 

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Roberts and Stratton say the Constitution and its basis in the historic rights of Englishmen to be secure in person and property are not merely imperiled but substantially gutted. In the twentieth century, many personal and property rights have succumbed to governmental regulations and to ambitious, unscrupulous government attorneys. The authors cite cases to show how it became possible to be guilty of a crime though lacking criminal intent; to be liable for damages that were, when committed, not damages; to forfeit assets without cause or assurance of recovery; to be coerced to plead guilty; to avoid punishment by snitching on others; and to force private attorneys to divulge confidential client information. For the sake of fighting the war on drugs, cleaning up pollution, and other initially well-meant causes, Roberts and Stratton warn, the U.S. is becoming the image of its totalitarian former enemies in its prosecution of justice--or, rather, injustice. Top-drawer public affairs argumentation. Ray Olson
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