Sonia Cacy
They say there are two sides to every story.  That's certainly true in the matter of Sonia Cacy, and the two sides could hardly be more starkly different. The Sonia Cacy case is an outstanding example of forensic science turned insane.

Forensic Fraud
The Texas Observer
Sonia Cacy Released on Parole
November 23, 1998
Express News
San Antonio, Texas
Odessa American
Odessa, Texas

When Sonia Cacy walked out of prison after serving six years of a 99-year sentence for murder, she told reporters that those were just her first steps toward freedom. To be truly free, she told the San Antonio Express-News in 1998, she wanted her name cleared. She wanted to be exonerated of a crime that many experts say she did not commit.  On September 29, 2010, at a news conference in Dallas, the Innocence Project of Texas asked the Texas Forensic Science Commission to begin a process the nonprofit organization hopes will lead to Cacy’s exoneration — and, potentially, to an overhaul in the use of forensic science in criminal cases.

Truth in Justice