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Marlinga: the rape cases

April 23, 2004

The rape cases at the center of Carl Marlinga's indictment.


1991: Jeffrey Moldowan is convicted in the rape and mutilation of his former girlfriend and given a prison term of 60-90 years.

1997 to 2001: Aided by Warren real-estate agent Ralph Roberts, Moldowan seeks a new trial. Roberts takes the cause to Marlinga in 2000.

Oct. 9, 2001: Roberts contributes $4,000 to a political action committee, which later donates the same amount to Marlinga's 2002 congressional campaign.


December 2001: Roberts and his wife contribute a total of $2,400 to Marlinga's campaign.

Jan. 3, 2002: After a decade of backing the conviction, Marlinga signs a brief saying Moldowan "may have suffered 'actual prejudice.' " He allegedly shows drafts of the brief to Moldowan's attorney before filing it.

May 15, 2002: The Michigan Supreme Court orders a new trial for Moldowan, citing Marlinga's brief.

July 10, 2002: Roberts' wife gives another $1,600 to Marlinga's campaign.

Aug. 15, 2002: Detroit Free Press report raises questions of quid pro quo in the case.

Feb. 10, 2003: Marlinga admits grand jury is investigating Roberts' contributions.

Feb. 12, 2003: Moldowan is acquitted in retrial.


Sept. 28, 2001: James Hulet, a St. Clair Shores real estate agent, is charged with repeatedly raping and drugging a teenage girl.

December 2001: Hulet allegedly agrees to contribute $10,000 to Marlinga's campaign during a discussion with his attorneys.

Dec. 10, 2001: A Hulet attorney uses Hulet's money to buy five $2,000 bank checks. Each one is donated under a different name.

February 2002: Hulet's attorney meets with Marlinga to discuss a possible guilty plea.

June 17, 2002: Hulet's alleged victim files a civil suit against him.

June 25, 2002: Marlinga allegedly tells Hulet's attorney to contribute more money by funneling it through state Sen. Jim Barcia's campaign.

June 25-27, 2002: Barcia allegedly passes $4,000 of Hulet's money to Marlinga.

August 2002: Marlinga allegedly tells Hulet's attorney to move more money through the Michigan Democratic Party. Hulet contributes $10,000 to the party under his attorney's name.

Aug. 26 and Nov. 12, 2002: Marlinga meets with Hulet's attorney to discuss a guilty plea.

April 2003: Hulet settles the civil case for $1 million. The woman later says she doesn't care whether he goes to prison.

Jan. 13, 2004: Hulet is sentenced to 2 years in prison under a plea deal.

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