From the pages of the Isthmus and the Wisconsin State Journal
Madison, Wisconsin
Wisconsin State Journal
Madison, Wisconsin stands at the heart of the country, offering up a hearty slice of Americana.  Capitol city of a state known for its progressive attitudes, home of the University of Wisconsin, a world class center of learning and research, Madison's image embodies the work ethic coupled with clean living and tolerance for individuality. 

Madison is also the home of the Isthmus and the Wisconsin State Journal.  The Isthmus, a weekly newspaper that insists upon openness and accountability in government has successfully sued -- twice -- to open internal police records of citizen complaints.  The daily Wisconsin State Journal has outpaced all other media in the state in exposing  public corruption.  Wrongful prosecution and wrongful conviction are among the issues taken on by both newspapers.  The examples presented here are representative of the investigative journalism efforts of these newspapers.  They are also representative of the nightmares in which average people can find themselves trapped. 

These injustices can -- and do -- happen anywhere.  In Madison, these victims had the Isthmus and the Wisconsin State Journal.  Does anyone speak for them where you live?

Award-winning journalist Dee Hall of Madison, WI's Wisconsin State Journal has filed a stunning series on the prosecutorial misconduct of Dane County Asst. DA Paul Humphrey, as well as the response -- or lack of response -- of Wisconsin's Office of Lawyer Regulation to Humphrey's conduct in particular and prosecutorial misconduct in general.
A Prosecutor Accused
Homicide ... or Tragic Accident?
Ignoring Police, Humphrey Leaves Teen in Jail
Charging Bankrupt Man was Wrong
Not told she had to appear, woman charged after she's tardy
Questionable Handling of Horse Cases A Vendetta against Defense Witnesses
Some of Humphrey's Questionable Cases
30% Longer to Handle Felonies
Justice Demands Higher Standards
Wisconsin State Journal Editorial

Devastating Consequences
25 Prosecutors Disciplined since 1981

My dad had a saying that fits too many prosecutors:  "I may not always be right, but I'm never wrong."  Bill Lueders, News Editor of the Isthmus in Madison, Wisconsin, observes "It's almost as though the vast, unchecked power of prosecutors robs them of the humility they need to exercise it."  The Importance of Being Sorry
Cry Rape:  A blind woman is raped, forced to recant her report, then charged with a crime.
Patty's Story
The DA's Office Defends Itself
Breakthrough:  Patty's Rapist Identified
Police policy on questioning defended
When the Victim is Prosecuted . . .
Her checks were stolen and forged, then her life was destroyed.
No Remedy for
System's Victims
Forging a Case

Jennifer Doe
Thomas Champion
A teenage girl is raped, then prosecuted for reporting it. A judge joins an overzealous prosecutor to deny the rights of a disabled man.

Recent Cases
Truth in Justice


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