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The Truth About
Wrongful Conviction

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Harmful Error
Report on Prosecutorial Misconduct Released

Center for Prosecutor Integrity

Study: Thousands of False Convictions

Espousing the
Cause of the Wrongfully Convicted

by Rosalie Machado

Don't Talk to the Police
Video by
Prof. James Duane

Study: 2000
Wrongly Convicted
and Cleared in 23 Yrs.

The Sad Statistics behind
Wrongful Convictions


National Registry of Exonerations

Experts are Saying

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Truth in Justice
Truth in Justice is an educational non-profit organized to educate the public regarding the vulnerabilities in the U. S. criminal justice system that make the criminal conviction of wholly innocent persons possible.

When we say "wholly innocent," we mean a person who had absolutely no part in the crime charged. An innocent person is deprived of life, liberty and the opportunity to contribute to society, while the guilty party is free to commit more crimes against unsuspecting victims. In many instances, no crime was committed in the first place -- a suicide is charged as homicide, or an accidental fire is mistaken for arson. How does this happen? Faulty eye witness identification, tunnel vision investigators, over zealous prosecutors, bad science, compromised experts and a politicized judiciary are major factors, along with a credulous public.

Why should you be concerned about wrongful conviction? The cases here make the answer clear: it can happen to anyone, including you. What can you do? Educate yourself. Ask questions. Think. Stop rewarding malfeasance. It starts with just one person. It starts with YOU.


Truth in Justice is pleased to join with LivePerson to bring you live, online consultations with experts in criminal law, at low cost.  Follow the link below:

Truth in Justice has over 2,000 pages of information and resources.  Please use the site search engine below to find the information you need.

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During the first week of May, 2016, the "Tell It Like It is Network" will begin reviewing cases of misconduct within police and child protective agencies, prosecutors' offices and courts, abuse of the elderly and the vulnerable, as well as wrongful convictions.  We will publicly discuss those cases on our new podcast. Family members will be invited to discuss their cases and experts will provide opinions and potential courses of action.  We will publish our complaints.  We will keep reporting about these cases so they can't sweep them under the rug.

If you want your case considered for discussion on "Tell It Like It is Network," email Ira Robins at irarobins@gmail.com.

Tell your frieds, change in coming!

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