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The DA's Office explains itself

A statement from Diane Nicks on why the charges against "Patty" were brought, then dropped.

Harlowe to DA: Examine your evidence

Attorney files brief to compel prosecutors to try matching DNA sample. 

Tricks are for Cops

Police used deliberate deception in getting alleged rape victim to recant.

The following records relate to a motion heard in mid-July in Dane County Circuit Court Branch 2. Hal Harlowe, an attorney for a Madison woman named Patty who alleges that she coerced by police into recanting a reported rape, sought to have the woman's statements suppressed on grounds that they were improperly obtained. The motion was denied by Reserve Judge Jack Aulik. An article on this matter appears in the July 17 issue of Isthmus. These records were scanned in electronically; some name references have been redacted. The documents, in order, are:
1) The section of Det. Thomas Woodmansee's police report
that deals with Patty's confession.
2) Attorney Hal Harlowe's brief 
in support of his motion to suppress.
3) An attached statement from Patty's ophthalmologist.
4) Judge Aulik's ruling.
(Patty's attorney Hal Harlowe)

Patty’s lawyer, former Dane County DA Hal Harlowe: ‘This is one of the most rotten investigations I have ever seen.’

Documents relating to Isthmus' Feb. 13 cover story on a rape police say never happened.
(Patty's hand-written letter to the Madison PD) Patty's letter to the Wisconsin State Journal.

Patty's letter to the Madison Police Department.

The DA's criminal complaint against Patty.

Questions we would have liked to ask Det. Woodmansee.

Statistics on sexual assaults in Wisconsin.

Cry Rape . . . Patty's Story

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