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Cry Rape: Documents relating to Isthmus' Feb. 13 cover story on a rape police say never happened.

Questions we would have liked to ask Det. Woodmansee.

The following list of questions was drawn up by Isthmus while researching this story. We asked police spokesperson Tom Synder to communicate to Det. Woodmansee that we wanted to ask him some specific questions about the case, that we were willing to talk to him under any terms and with any conditions he wanted to set. We even said we were willing to inform him of the questions to which we sought answers, whether or not he wished to reply. He declined, saying his supervisors would not let him talk about the case while it was being prosecuted by the DA's office. Here is the list of questions:

How long have you investigated sexual assaults?

Still doing so? Still engaged in training?

How many cases?

Are you aware of any other local case in which a person has been prosecuted for making a false report of sexual assault?

How many times did you talk to Patty?

Did you find any evidence--fingerprints, hair--indicating that there was an intruder in Patty's room?

When did you first suspect the story was made up?

Is it true that the first time you confronted Patty with these concerns was when you had her come to the detective bureau?

Did you tell her to come down there because you needed more hair samples?

Did you get any samples?

You and Det. Draeger confronted Patty with your suspicions that her story was false. What reasons did you give her?

In what context did you mention that she was taking Prozac?

In what context did you mention her past history of sexual abuse?

In what context did you refer to problems between Patty and her boyfriend?

Did you tell Patty you thought her eyesight was better than she had led you to believe? On what basis?

Did you tell her that none of the people you spoke to believed her?

Did you tell her the nurse at Meriter, Jill Poarch, did not believe she was raped?

Did you say that none of the officers working on the case believed her?

Did Patty offer to take a lie detector test? Why did you decline?

What did you tell her about rubber residue?

Did you tell Patty that you were under pressure to close the case because of the fears being expressed by people in her neighborhood near Fairmount Ave.?

Did you tell Patty that you had several child abuse cases you put off because of her complaint?

Did you indicate to Patty that you could keep her in custody overnight on suicide watch?

Did you tell her: "If you think I was good working for you, you should see me working against you?"

Did you say the matter would go away quietly if she admitted to making this up, but that otherwise your findings would be released to the press?"

Did you say you would call her boyfriend and the man she suspected and tell them she had made the whole thing up?

Did you in fact later place these calls? What did you say?

After Patty admitted to having made a false report, did she indicate to you that she was only saying this so that she could get out of the room?

At that point, did you throw down your note pad and exit the room?

Did Det. Draeger tell Patty, after she admitted making the story up, that she owed you an apology? Is this the apology that ended up in the criminal complaint?

Did you tell Patty, "You don't act like a rape victim"?

Did you say that "women do this all the time"--that is, make false allegations of rape?

At some point, you told Patty that you intended to refer the case to the DA; was this before or after she admitted making her story up?

Why did you take Patty to Dane County Mental Health after the interview?

Did you ever show the District Attorney's office the letters that Patty had sent the Wisconsin State Journal and the Police Department complaining about your conduct and indicating that you pressured into into recanting?

[End of document.]

Patty's letter to the Wisconsin State Journal.

Patty's letter to the Madison Police Department.

The DA's criminal complaint against Patty.

Statistics on sexual assaults in Wisconsin.

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