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Cry Rape: Documents relating to Isthmus' Feb. 13 cover story on a rape police say never happened.

Patty's letter to the Wisconsin State Journal

This letter was sent to the paper on Oct. 22, the same day it ran a story entitled, "Police say woman was not raped." It has been retyped.

Wisconsin State Journal
1901 Fish Hatchery Rd.
Madison, WI 53713.

Attention: Editorials Department

To whom it may concern:

I cannot believe you would release such a story as a made up sexual assault without hearing from the VICTIM. Have you asked the detectives in this case why I suddenly changed my mind and said I made it up?

For one thing, this detective has met me only twice and claims to know my entire psychological make-up. I was interrogated for two hours in a closed room, without any possibility of leaving unless I said it did not happen.. Many, many threats were made, such as:

** "If you think I was good working with you, you should see me working against you."

** "This would go away quietly if you admit making this up. Otherwise, my findings will be released to the press." (He did call and tell them--he carried out his threat.)

** "I'll call your boyfriend and one of the suspects to tell them that I have 42 pages of proof that this didn't happen."

More threats were made. These are just a few.

What would you do? The other answer is to say want they want to hear and get out of there so I could start trying to prove what happened. I am trying to do this with no help from the Madison Police Department. The detective made the statement that "women do this all the time." Now we have to wonder if this is true or if most women drop their case even though there is physical evidence because of the brutal treatment from the police and the court system.

These are matters that should be addressed by the press. The investigating detective on my case was not only unprofessional, but may have by his behavior put myself as well as other women in danger by not taking my complaint seriously. He is sending out the message we are not to be believed.

Sexual Assault and Police Brutality Victim.

[End of document.]
Patty's letter to the Madison Police Department.

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