Truth in Justice
Since 1995, Truth in Justice has worked to educate the public regarding the vulnerabilities in the U.S. criminal justice system that make the criminal conviction of wholly innocent persons possible.

Over the years, many others have joined in this effort, most notably the many innocence projects now functioning throughout the country.  The National Registry of Exonerations keeps track of new exonerations more thoroughly than we ever could with our limited resources.  Most importantly, it is now widely acknowledged that innocent people are convicted of crimes they did not commit.  The wall of denial has been breached.

These signal that the torch has been passed to a new generation, but what made the final decision unavoidable is that I have leukemia.  I simply cannot continue in the multi-faceted role I have occupied since Truth in Justice was founded.

It is my intention to remove Truth in Justice from its server as close to January 1, 2019 as possible.  I hope our efforts have served our visitors well, and that you will support the innocence project(s) that serve the state where you live.  Click on the words, "Innocence Projects," to view the list.  -- Sheila Berry

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